Classes in my Studio Barbara Haviland

Starting  August 11 Friday, I will be teaching a class in oil painting. The classes will be from 10am--1pm  at 106 West Pryce Street, Lake Charles, La. at Gallery By The Lake.    Classes call  337.436.1008

We will start a  floral and have a photo to work from. The canvas size should be up  to how fast you paint, ( 11x14 to 16x20)   Below is a sample of my art. 

Cost of the classes for the month are  $75.00

WE will have lots of fun, won't you join us ?


                        On-Going Classes Studio
6161 Madsion Blvd

I also have classes on Tuesday, and Thursday in my studio. Tuesday morning  9am --11pm

Thursday  evening from   4pm--6pm    and later if necessary

 I love to teach and will help you with whatever you want to learn.  My classes are on-going..